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The truth is, except for those moments of unspeakable grace holding our three newborn children, I’ve never been happier than when I was building for us this house.
Andre Dubus III wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal about the house he built for his family with the help of his brother, wife, and mother. I spent some hours with him when Townie came out a couple years ago for a piece I wrote on him for the Phoenix, and he toured me around his home. It was the most memorable part of my time with him. I’d been working with M. for about two years at that point, and to see this huge house that he’d built himself, the porch that wrapped all around, the great stone fireplace, the lovely tiles, big windows, his daughter’s lofted bed, and to see how proud he was to show it, to imagine what it would feel like to be able to build your own house for your own family, it was something else. Impressive, for one. And though I don’t really like the word, inspiring, too.

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